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Learn marketing tools across email, content, social media, and paid advertising. Learn Cutting Edge Skills. Bring Ideas to Life. Advance Your Career.


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Acquire and retain customers. Learn how to build a reliable marketing machine in house. Learn Cutting Edge Skills. Courses: LinkedIn, Facebook, Social Selling Strategies, Content Marketing, Branding, CRM, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing

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Learn how to build an in house lead generation factory of high opportunities consistently. Acquire and retain customers. Stay ahead of the curve with powerful strategies that have a clear path to revenue. Learn Cutting Edge Skills. Courses: LinkedIn, Facebook, Social Selling Strategies, Content Marketing, Branding, CRM, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing


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Trusted by 4000+ Businesses...

"I really enjoy the LinkedIn training that's what I found the most useful. I got fed up hearing how amazing LinkedIn is and I just didn't know where to start. SME Marketer is great to watch on my mobile phone when I'm on the train. "

Molly S.
Marketing Director

"SME Marketer is (and continues to be) one of the best resources we use internally to create new business. The training is easy to learn from and to the point. The downloads and templates really help me as it gives me a reference point to work from."

Sarah J.
Managing Director

Here are just some of the courses...

LinkedIn Marketing Training

  • Where to start
  • Your profile
  • Your connections
  • Your best buyers
  • LinkedIn Premium and Sales navigator
  • Sales navigator list creations
  • LinkedIn Inmails
  • LinkedIn messaging
  • LinkedIn content creation strategy
  • LinkedIn Video Conent Success Checklist
  • LinkedIn article creation strategies
  • Buyer demographics and psychology you need to be aware of

Irresistible Marketing Offers 

  • Why you need them

  • How to make them

  • How to focus them

  • How to upsell them

  • How to down sell them

  • How to cross-sell them


LinkedIn Ads

  • Where to begin with LinkedIn ads

  • How to structure your campaign

  • Planning is everything

  • Digital asset creation

  • Targeting your best buyers

  • Buyer demographics

  • Ad sets

  • Launch

  • Reviewing

  • Improving over time


Facebook Marketing

  • Where to begin

  • Facebook profiles

  • Facebook groups

  • Facebook pages

  • Facebook feeds

  • Facebook ads

  • Messaging on messenger

  • Facebook live

  • Content creation strategies


Social Selling Strategies

  • What is Social Selling

  • Evolution of the buyer

  • Brand awareness vs buyer awareness

  • If they reply they buy

  • The main platforms to use

  • Overall short/medium/long term strategies


Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Where to start with your marketing

  • Your competitors and how to learn where their traffic comes from

  • Industry-specific insights that you can learn quickly

  • The marketing strategy journey

  • 80/20 rule

  • 80/20 of 80/20 of 80/20 rule

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Human psychology is everything

  • Applying your best buyers psychology

  • Systems and processes


Marketing Automation 

  • Where to begin

  • Why it’s important

  • It makes your life better

  • Adapt or die

  • Email vs sms

  • Modern buyer behaviours

  • Marketing Automation systems and processes 

Building an In-House Lead Generation Factory

  • Where to begin

  • Lead generation systems and processes

  • Reliable business opportunity creation

  • Appointment booking function is the foundation of everything

  • Integrations on the Internet is the glue of your new lead generation factory

  • Crm choices and focus

  • Marketing automation tools

  • Proposal automation to get your buyers pricing... fast

  • Your buyer and the importance of professionalism

  • Overview of the in house lead generation factory


Email Marketing

  • Why it’s still useful

  • Micro vs Macro email marketing campaigns
  • How to optimise it

  • The reality of numbers

  • Email sequences

  • Email written copy templates

  • Email subjects

  • Email call to actions.


SMS Text Mobile Marketing

  • Why it’s still useful

  • Micro vs Macro email marketing campaigns
  • How to optimise it

  • The statistics

  • Cost vs ROI

  • Messaging templates

  • Systems and processes


Marketing Psychology

  • Why it’s still useful

  • The importance

  • The foundation

  • Technology vs biology

  • The modern buyer

  • Company mindset and focus on buyer mindset

  • Social Media platforms messaging sequences

  • Different platforms = different messaging


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